Sustainability & Vision

Raw collection is a slow fashion brand.  We are consciously choosing people over profile, quality over quantity and creating a world we want to live in.
  • Design // Our collections are designed with simplicity in mind. Styles that looks good without being trendy. Pieces you can wear year after year in colours you can easily work into your existing wardrobe.
  • Fabric selection // We choose to work with natural fibres over polyesters. A lot of though and research goes into choosing the best fabric for you, our customer and our planet. Linen is woven from flax and has many benefits for humans and the planet: its antimicrobial, breathable, light weight, absorbent, moth resistant and cooling. 
  • Production // We manufacture in a mindful way. Producing on order. This means you will have to wait a day or two for your order to be made. We refrain producing bulk. Our collections are seasonless and will be available all your around.
  • Studio // We believe in good, fair wages and a beautiful working space with lots of support and a family mentality within our team. Each pattern is drafted by hand in our studio, graded to the different sizes and sampled till we are super happy and proud of each item. Each garment is cut, sewn and finished in our sunny studio with smiles on our faces and happy hearts.
  • Zero waste // Making our own packaging gives us the opportunity to use most of the scraps and little off cuts. Reuse these cute fabric bags for grocery shopping or gifting.  The tiny left-over pieces are donated to welfare organisations and training centres.
  • Diversity and inclusion // We include all women in our brand. We are inspired by the diverse shapes and sizes of South African women. You all matter. We see you. Should we not currently cater for your size, pop us a mail with measurements. Should you need any style cut shorter or longer, send us a request. We will be happy to do so. Some of us are very short and some of us as very tall. We can assist you whatever your shape and size. 
  • Sizing // We include a size chart for each style to assist you in choosing the right size for you. This avoids us shipping different sizes back and forth. Keeping the environmental impact of our product as low as possible
  • Transparency // We will be hosting monthly open days at our studio. Inviting you into our creative world. You can meet our talented team; see where and how we make each item. Try on the collection and have fun with us celebrating minimalism and the art of making something with your hands.